New ways to style your designer cardigans

Cardigans are popular fashion choices for women because of their versatility and beauty. Cardigans are simple and easy to wear but can always be styled in new ways. Designer cardigans are great investments because they can be appropriate for every season. Here are some ways to wear a cardigan.


Oversized cardigans are becoming trendy among women. These cardigans can look good if they are made from thicker materials. Look for oversized cardigans that have a deep V-neck and longer hemlines. This can be worn with casual jeans and sneakers.


Some cardigans have a simple straight cut. You can add shape to the garment by adding a belt.  Use a skinny belt to create an hourglass figure. You can wear a belted cardigan over a pencil skirt for a more business appropriate look.

designer cardigans 1

With scarves

One way to change the look of a cardigan is by adding a scarf. You can choose complementing colours for an elegant appeal or you can go for contrasting colours for a dramatic effect.

Floor length

Floor length cardigans are very chic fashion statements. This style of cardigan only became popular recently.  Floor length cardigans create dramatic silhouettes. You can balance the look by wearing shorts or miniskirts.


The classic way to wear cardigans is by buttoning them. This can work better with cardigans that have a rounded neckline. You can also pair it with a collared blouse with the top part peeking out.

Tucked in

Tuck your cardigans for a different effect. This is a good way to show off your silhouette. However, cardigans that can look good tucked inside pants are those that are fairly fitted.


Draped cardigans have a stylish cut front. This can be worn over straight jeans and plain shirts. Choose designer cardigans that create wonderful draping.

With embellishments

Embellishments add a certain personal style to designer cardigans. If you have an embellished top, keep the rest of your outfit fairly simple. This can help balance out the whole look and avoid looking overdone.


Change your cardigan cuffs by wearing bracelets. Wide metallic cuffs can give you an edgy look while different coloured cuffs can make your cardigans look trendier. The contrast between the cuff and the fabric can be a good way to update your look. Cardigans can be styled in different ways. Try to experiment by layering it with accessories and different colours. A few additions can create the difference.

What is Bridal Underwear?

Bridal Underwear 2It is vital that a woman looks her best during her wedding day. During the ceremony, she will be captivating all the guests with her beauty while wearing a beautiful wedding dress. But did you know that the new bride must be even more attractive during her wedding night? Although the new bride will only be captivating a one-man audience, she should put on an unforgettable performance and this can be achieved with the help of bridal underwear.

Importance of Bridal Underwear

Nothing can enthrall a man better than the love of his life wearing sexy, barely-there wedding lingerie. As soon as the new bride shrugs off her wedding gown, she can begin seducing her husband by showing off her new lingerie. As some old folks used to say, a successful and action-packed wedding night is the first step to a happy and lasting marriage.

The Right Bridal Underwear

To become a successful seductress, a woman should choose the right bridal lingerie ensemble. It would be best to select different layers of lingerie for a more explosive effect.

For a woman who’s planning to change out of her gown before the big “finale”, she should walk into the room using a short, silk robe. This robe will not only disguise the actual lingerie she is wearing but it will also tease her husband even more. This prolonged visual foreplay will result to a more explosive and intense coupling.

In case the new bride wants to get it on as soon as the lights go off, she should just wear her best wedding lingerie underneath her wedding gown.

While the design, style and color of bridal underwear is vital, a woman should pick out a lingerie piece that’s appropriately sized and comfortable. Lingerie should boost self-confidence and not make a woman self-conscious. If she picks out a bridal underwear set that covers her flaws and accentuates her assets, she will be able to enjoy her honeymoon even more.Bridal Underwear 3

Where to Purchase Bridal Underwear

Lingerie sets meant to be worn underneath a wedding dress or on the wedding night are readily available in stores where bridal gowns are ordered or bought. For more options, a visit to special lingerie stores is always a good idea. For a first time lingerie buyer who wants to buy something risqué but doesn’t want anyone to know about it, ordering online is the best solution. There are several online lingerie stores like Damaris that offers high quality bridal lingerie pieces ( that’ll surely add spice to a honeymoon.

Cheap Designer Clothes: Where You Can Get Them

Designer Clothes 5Designer clothes are popular because they make the wearer presentable and looking well. These types of clothes also add to the confidence level of the person wearing them. They appear to be trendier and more fashionable. But these types of clothes command a hefty price and not everyone can afford them. Is it possible to find inexpensive yet high quality clothes?

Did you know that you can find fashionable and stylish clothes from world famous designers at discounted prices? No, they are not cheap imitations but they are the real thing! So where do you find them?

There are a lot of online shopping outlets that offer discounted authentic designer clothes. It is one way of saying that you can look good without hurting your pocket.

It is not that easy finding a legitimate online store that sells authentic designer items but there are resources to check out to ensure that you choose the best one. There are review sites to visit to get information about what the popular and most reputed online stores.

Don’t just go for the cheap items; there are sites that offer really cheap knock offs. You will not be getting original items and you are not getting value for your money. You will find some reliable online stores that offer authentic designer items for less and it doesn’t mean that they are of poor quality. Most of the time those which are offered online are designs from seasons past and they are made it to the online discount shops because new designs have to take their place at the onsite boutiques.

Finding an authentic item can be tricky especially if you are not really familiar about what to look for. You might want to ask help from friends who have experience in shopping for designer items online and they might also be able to recommend sites to visit.

The internet is a huge marketplace and you will find a lot of online shops that carry a Michael Kors or an Armani design, and at discounted prices. What is good about purchasing them online is that you have the luxury to do it at home. You don’t even have to go all the way to their boutiques because the items will be delivered right at your door.

Finding the right website is crucial because there are security issues with regards to your bank account information. However, if you are able to find a reputable and well established online site, then won’t be a problem. Treat yourself to some good quality designer clothes; you’ll never go wrong with them.

Plus Size Fashion: Real Choices for Real Women

X - 3 plus size fashion 3You must have heard how plus size fashion is making waves this year. The fashion industry is finally paying the right kind of attention to large women, and it’s primarily because the women themselves have been making themselves seen and heard.

A Convincing Online Presence

There is no denying that the internet has played a large role in this recent revolution. Big, beautiful women have been skillfully and assiduously using blogs and social media to show the world that their curves can – and should – be flattered instead of trimmed down or hastily concealed. This movement has been assiduous and widespread, and has found endorsements from many celebrities and some major names in fashion. Women all over the world are realizing that they are not alone, and are thus taking a stand to demand better treatment from the fashion industry.

A Market That Should Be Taken Seriously

For a niche of the market that has been treated with indifference (and, more often than not, outright contempt), there is a very large market for plus size fashion, and it is actually surprising that the fashion industry hasn’t realized this sooner. The term “real-sized women” exists for a reason, and with most of the purchasing power belonging to ladies size 12 and up, this is a market that deserves to be taken very seriously. Their demands are not unreasonable, after all, and the fashion industry is slowly realizing that it stands to profit greatly from giving them what they want.

Equal Fashion Opportunities and Better Clothes

It’s simple after all: plus size ladies just want equal fashion opportunities and clothes better than the traditional hideous printed smock of the conventional plus sized section. And, if this year’s fashion trends are anything to go by, they are going to get what they want.

The greater and louder demand for top quality plus size fashion has sparked something of a revolution from high-end fashion lines to smaller scale boutiques. You only have to do a quick internet search to see how many more options are available to large ladies.

X - 3 plus size fashion 4

In the UK, for instance, the Elvi online boutique is a great example of plus size fashion a plus size woman can look forward to when she sets out to refurbish her wardrobe. Their elegant outfits and accessories are suitable for the office or for dressy occasions, and all of their attractive selections are incredibly affordable.

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Why a Black Maxi Dress Never Goes Out of Style

.black maxi dress 1Ever wondered why that plain, black maxi dress in your closet never goes out of style? As you may have observed, the color black never went out of fashion color trends. After rave neon colors became a hit in the 70s, it eventually went out of style. Likewise, after boho earth tones became a fad in the 80s, the 90s pop eventually overpowered it. Time and again, particular colors become dominant in fashion, but for some reason, black never went out of style. It is a classic and sophisticated statement now as it was during Audrey Hepburn’s generation. But why is this? Here are some reason why black will never goes out of style:

  1. It gives people a blank canvass to be creative in – A simple black dress, may it be a mini or a maxi allows for so much creativity. One can simply think of a theme and accessorize away with a black dress. May it be gold, silver or the now very popular neon accessories, a black dress’ simplicity will surely give you the neutrality you need, which also makes it compatible with practically any other color.
  2. It is good for both day and night occasions – What is good about a black dress is that it can go with any other accent pieces that will make the entire outfit good for either a day or night event. You can simply pair a mini with a faded denim blazer, a pop-colored heel, a hip pair of sunnies and you are good for the day. Put on the same mini, fix your hair in a clean bun, put on some pearl necklace, black peep-toe pumps, and you are good for the night. Black is definitely the best color to mix and match in.
  3. It complements any body type – Regardless of body shape, black just seems to make women more sophisticated and mysterious. While white dresses can also be staples, they may not be as flattering as black pieces are to women with full figures. Hence, practically all women can wear black and feel maxi dress 2

Black is definitely a staple. No matter how creative or outgoing you think you are in terms of fashion, it is always good to find one or two black staples in your closets as they usually go in any occasion, in any time of the day. Black is classic because it is safe and neutral. Finally, it is allows you to be as creative as you want while bringing in an element of sophistication and mystery you would not want to lose.

High Fashion Photography Works – Common Characteristics

high fashion photography 4The reality is that high fashion photography is a true art with its own characteristics and styles. It is not simply used for attractive product presentation. It has a deep meaning and conveys different messages. It is deeply influential as well. Learn more about this art and its creations so that you can get a better understanding of it and appreciate it fully.

The high fashion photography works present the world from a unique angle. They are focused on a single subject but give it a whole new meaning. They make you see things in a different way and expand your horizon.

The works of high fashion photography tell a story. If you look at an image, you will see much more than a woman or a man wearing a particular garment. The setting, the pose of the model, the makeup and the light will allow you to create a story in your head automatically. Just look at a popular work of a renowned artist and you will come up with a story in a few seconds.

The true beauty of this art is that it makes you part of the story too. In fact, its purpose is to make you see yourself as the main character. If this happens, you are bound to get the product that you see on the image. It is not a mystery which this art is so influential. high fashion photography 3

The works are striking and provocative. You get to see many images every day, but the ones made by high fashion photographers certainly grab your attention and make you think. You are naturally attracted to the details and want to explore them further. The more you look at the image, the deeper you fall in love with it.

The reality is that high fashion photography is the ultimate marketing and advertising tool for business in the fashion world. You have to use it if you want to succeed. If you want to learn more about high fashion photographers and their work, read this interview of Amanda Diaz. She is a fashion photographer famous for her creativity.

How to Choose Dresses for the Winter

You can feel warm, comfy and elegant in the right winter dresses. Even though this is not the season to show some skin, you can readily impress with fine curves and gorgeous details. It is all about being in style and wearing the garments with confidence.


Think of the types of winter dresses that you need to have in your closet. You will certainly need a couple of items for work. You can choose a few casual ones for outings. It is certainly a good idea to have one or two items for special occasions. They will certainly come in handy during the holiday season when there are a lot of parties. If you think that you will require a formal gown, you should certainly get one as well.


Choosing clothes for work is your first task. It is best if these have knee length. You can go for slightly shorter models which can be paired beautifully with elegant boots. The trends today range from sheath dresses to models with A-line skirts so there is virtually something for everyone. The empire waist models are particularly popular for the office and so are the pinafore ones. The three-quarter sleeves are particularly trendy so you should certainly consider them. When buying garments for the office, you should pick warm and breathable fabrics.


Think of the things which you do and the places where you go in your free time to decide on the casual winter items you will need. The geometrically shaped tunics are particularly hip and so are the sweater dresses. When it comes to knitwear, it is best to pick something which is fairly thin and form-fitting.


There are plenty of options in the formal attire section. The little black dress will always work. However, you may want to think out of the box for this holiday season. Red and purple are particularly trendy. You can consider large floral patterns in pastel colors on a dark background as well. The sequined garments are particularly hip as well. It is best to go for sleeveless dresses with three-quarter length.

But now, summer is on the way. Are you considering buying some new dresses online or do you prefer to go on the high streets?


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What to Watch Out for when Buying Empire Waist Dresses

The classy beauty of empire waist dresses is hard to compare to anything else. These garments are the ultimate choice for many women as they make you look taller and even more slender. Indeed, they are perfect for most body shapes including the rectangular, pear and apple ones. The fact that these garments are so perfect does not mean that you can pick just any one. Pay great attention to some important details.


The length is an important factor when selecting between empire waist dresses. The long models are ideal for formal events. The short ones give you a babydoll look which is youthful and charming. They are great for more casual evening outings. If you are looking for a stylish garment for work, you should certainly check out the models with slightly below and above knee length.


The skirt is a key aspect to consider when buying empire waist dress. This is because it is always larger compared to the fairly small top and basically defines the silhouette to a great extent. The straight free flowing skirts have a romantic and sophisticated appeal. The A-lined skirts have a universal appeal so you can consider garments with such bottoms for virtually any occasion. The models with form-fitting pencil skirts are ideal for work. They give you a professional and totally feminine look at the same time.



The neckline is another major feature to pay great attention to. In general, the empire waist design goes great with a v-neckline and a sweetheart neckline. Both of these necklines call the attention to the upper part of the body and give you a stunning cleavage while flattering your shoulders beautifully. You may want to look for work garments with round and boat necklines which will give you the elegant professional appearance which you want to achieve.


The color is another major factor which to be careful about. The solid colors are ideal for empire waist dresses. The monochrome models are worth your attention as well.



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At Long Last, Luxury Fashion Ecommerce

Luxury fashion brands are finally delving into fashion ecommerce after over 15 years of staying as far as possible away from it.


Luxury fashion brands have always resisted the urge to go into online retailing as they originally feared it will be very detrimental for their sales (even as other manufacturers were experiencing the best growth they’ve had in years).  The biggest concern among these manufacturers was that they would be compelled to promote their items through online stores that carry multiple brands as these manufacturers themselves originally had no e-marketing capabilities.  Associating themselves with multi-brand retailers was a move which luxury manufacturers at first felt would devalue their products because of their promotion alongside more affordable non-luxury goods.  Their argument was that they were selling not only products but also a sense of identity and sophistication not found in anything else.



The decision of luxury fashion brands to embrace ecommerce was inevitable, but that decision may be considered a timely one as many of these same brands are already enjoying substantial sales figures through online retail alone since late last year, especially in the weeks leading up to the Holidays.  Still, only a few brands have put up their own online stores while the rest continue to rely on multi-brand retailers who have years of ecommerce experience under their belts.


In any case, the loss of brand image that these manufacturers have carefully avoided for years proved to be a myth as ecommerce has proven that it can continually adapt to the preferences of customers, even the more discerning ones.  It is gradually becoming possible for an ecommerce customer who belongs to the latter type to enjoy a highly personalized shopping experience much like what would happen if he or she visits a particular brand’s flagship store in Milan or Paris.

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What is corporate video production

Corporate video production is a production of video materials primarily for the limited audience. Such videos are usually used for the informational or training purposes, such as employee training or financial reporting.

The reason why corporate video production is used in such cases lies in a simple reason that professionals will produce material that is interesting to watch and easy to comprehend, which is an important element when considering importance of such activities like staff training about the protection measures at work and safety equipment.


There are lots of firms on the market that provide video production that will satisfy your company needs for the high quality educational or promotional video.

Professionals in the respective field will make sure to establish good cooperation with the client and work closely together during the production of the video, making sure that client is informed about every step of the production, and thus assuring satisfaction with the final product. Experienced corporate video production will first introduce client to the script and plan for the production. This plan will include how the video will be filmed, what location will be used for the filming, and who of the staff will be included in which part of the production process. Although the client might not be interested into getting to know all the technical details, it is important to enable visibility of the production process as a system of check-up of the quality.  For the production this is important not only from the point of enabling visibility of the process, but also from the point of getting necessary information that will enable them to make a good product which will vividly portrait client’s needs and initial idea.

Corporate video production can be different in a way that it might take more or less time and finances, depending on the particular needs of the client. Some clients might need simple video-educational one-that might not require lots of funds and staff, while other might want high-scale video that will require lots of resources, both financial and staff ones.

There are different types of corporate video production that client can choose from, depending on his particular needs. As it has already been mentioned, there are training videos, promotional videos which include positive experiences (testimonial videos), product explanation videos, etc. Popular type of the production is one of animation videos, which can be interesting and useful for the promotional purposes.


Promotional aspect of the video production is an important one because business video production is more and more moving out of strictly professional and basically limited usage in corporation. With the growing needs of the businesses for the promotion of their products, it is important to include professionals into production of the audio-visual promotional products. These are important part of the successful marketing strategy, and every business in nowadays hectic market conditions will want to invest into good and professional video production.  With such production you will make sure that your video promotion will be professional, with good final product and guaranteed success. See here for tips on creating nice and professional looking videos.